Saturday, February 1, 2014

Flash Sale - $1 mini's 48 hrs only!

Just use "flash50" at check out for the codes below - 48 hrs only

IND01Hindu/Indian Militia3 different poses w/ sword shield3 pack
IND02Hindu/Indian ArcherStanding Archer 3 pack
IND03Hindu/Indian ArcherKneeling Archer3 pack
IND04Hindu/Indian ArcherStanding Archer  #23 pack
IND05Hindu/Indian ArcherStanding Archer #33 pack
SEPY01Sepoy MarchingEarly Sepoy Marching3 pack
SEPY02Sepoy FiringEarly Sepoy Firing3 pack
SEPY03Sepoy "At the ready"Early Sepoy "At the ready"3 pack
SEPY04Sepoy MarchingEarly Sepoy Marching #23 pack
SEPY05Sepoy MarchingEarly Sepoy Marching #33 pack
LDR01Leader Leader standing sword raised/no armorsingle
LDR02LeaderArmored leader/chainmail over facesingle
LDR03LeaderArmored leader/helmet with pointsingle
LDR04LeaderMilitia leader sword raised/looking backsingle