Friday, April 1, 2011

New Hindu Archer Greens

I am quite fond of these sculpts.
I am getting a lot questions about my plans with all these sculpts. My plans right now are to have enough different sculpts to open a web store or partner with a current dealer. As soon as all these are available I will post on here and advertise on TMP. Most of the lag time is between the sculpting and shipping etc. I plan to do head and weapon variants where possible too. So this will be work in progress. But if you have specific questions please email me. Thanks! Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Great sculpts, very promising!

    Now, you wrote: "I also have some interest in the American Revolution/American War of Independence.": well, the competition will be as fierce here, with DAF's new Fife & Drum range as it is in India with GWZ's new 'Golcondans'.

    Then, I just rediscovered in a military history book a contemporary painting depicting the 'Distribution of medals to the Bombay Fusiliers by the colonel's wife, Poonah, 1852': such scene could well have taken place a century earlier. For such circumstance the Lady wears a riding habit (normally worn to follow hunts: ladies travel in carriages), which took inspiration from military uniforms.
    Period-wise such 'riding lady' in 28mm would be fitting from the GNW (Sovereign's servant to {post}SYW (Young Catherine, Catherine the Great, Brotherhood of the Wolf...).
    The 'quasi-military' nature of such apparel means that such miniature could be painted, at least for Imagi-Nations, as 'Honorary Colonel' (Hinterland Prinzessin Viktoria fashion) / regimental God-Mother. The (rather unexpected, I'm sure) success of the 'Viktorias' demonstrates that there is a 'niche' for the 'Lace Wars' equivalent : if the late 19th C. is 'rich' of Ruritania and Victorian Science-Fiction, the mid-18th c. is the period par excellence of Imagi-Nation; and clearly there is a demand a demand from Imagi-players for a female 'Princess in uniform'.

    But, the current problem is that the only miniatures available (a lady riding sidesaddle from the 'Hunt' set, reappearing on foot in another part of the range -precious for a 'character' to be available mounted and on foot, old 'dugeon adventurers' blisters fashion) are (Tradition) Suren / Willie who show their age (some 50 years): to describe them as 'Old School' is a very polite way to stress that the sculpting is... far from outstanding by current standards.
    Indeed the major challenge for the sculptor would be to do a cute feminine face, Sandra Garrity / Julie Guthrie level (re. Reaper minis): while the historical Viktoria looked quite pretty on her official photographs, her rendition in miniature is afflicted with a rather 'orcish' face....
    If Teddy Bears in tricorne (Eureka) are commercially viable, for sure a *good*, 'up to date', appealing 18th C. lady in riding habit would be!
    To come back to AWI times, the only blatant difference is that a kind of slouched hat with an abundance of feathers is substituted to the tricorne: to offer, as a variant, the same mini with such an optional head would extend its (her?) suitability / market to the early French Revolution, at very low cost / additional sculpting...

    Totally unsolicited suggestion, I know, but note I waited to April 2 to post it: it'snot a joke at all!

    Best regards,