Thursday, February 2, 2012

Workbench update

Multi part Infantry

I wanted for the gamer to have options but not have the figures be too fiddly to put together. I decided to have right arm options as well as shield options. These can be used from the 1700's through till the 1800's. They would work for Plassey, Assaye, Indian Mutiny, Pulp, Pirates, Imagnations, what ever you can think of !

Cheers Ashok


  1. I do like those- very tasty. Now do I have time to ressurrect by Deboigne army or maybe George Thomas ... Time to re-read the books I think.

  2. Good lord you are a sculpting mad man. I so love your figures. Some of the best stuff I've seen. Please keep posting your work.

  3. The sculptor is Leandro Ventic - I don't have the talent. Thanks for looking!

  4. Hi Ashok, do you have a release date for these, and the Indian rocketeers, yet?